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Have you ever used any of the transport cards like Oyster card in London or Opal card in Sydney?

Let me tell you a secret about them!

Opal card doesn’t work in Melbourne! An Oyster card doesn’t work in Liverpool!

The Opal card is designed to work just fine in Sydney but when you visit Melbourne, you will need to have MyKi to go around! Opal card is useless too in Brisbane, you will need GoCard and in London where you will need an Oyster card!

These cards are designed to work just fine in their home cities … and they become pretty much useless beyond their borders!

On the other hand, Uber and most of the other ride sharing apps are designed to work as horizontal cross-border platforms! You can start using Uber the moment you land in any of the cities it covers around the world — 100s of them. Not only that, the app is designed to adjust to some local needs: you can ride a tuk tuk in Al Ghuna, in Egypt, a boat in Istanbul or a helicopter in Melbourne! And these apps respond to some local business & cultural requirements, by offering more flexible payment options, for example.

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